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Healthy Africa Scenarios Exercise (HASE) Overview

According to this year’s World Health Organization annual report,  39 new diseases have developed since 1970,  among them Aids, Ebola, Sars and the current threat of Avian Flu. HIV/Aids alone continues to have devastating impact on Africa’s overall economy and security. HASE 2008 seeks to broaden and deepen dialogue, and contribute to actions, that will help build Africa’s national and regional capacity for self-sufficiency.  As a participant in this international exercise, you will directly influence its implementation and its impact.

The purpose of the HASE series is to assist the international community in developing improved methods to conduct rapid and adaptive interagency, multinational, and private sector planning, coordination, and execution of partnered interventions in complex emergencies.  We hope to stage subsequent  exercises, HASE 2009, HASE 2010 and HASE 2011 in Eastern and Central Africa, North Africa,  and Southern Africa respectively. Our partners in the project so far have identified two global health challenges, HIV/AIDS and  Avian Flu, to be the focus of HASE 2008. Our approach is very much a “work in progress”.  We see you and your colleagues as much customers of the event as participants in the event.  As such, the current focus areas are a starting point subject to be  shaped by  participants. In the words of WHO Director General, Ms Margaret Chan, “International public health security is both a collective aspiration and a mutual responsibility.”

HASE 2008 will be a series of four global and multi-national workshops using a Western Africa Scenario, with strong multi-stakeholder emphasis on host nation, civil, military, international organization, non-government organization, and other private sector planning, coordination and execution.  The intent is to build the scenarios through these workshops culminating in evaluating them and partner approaches together in a computer-based environment using state-of-the-art simulations.

The first workshop was held at the Koffi Annan International Peacekeeping Institute (KAIPI) in Accra, Ghana in January 2008.  Future workshop schedules will be announced.

To join the ever-growing Community of Practice exchanging ideas and working toward solutions, please complete and return the Community of Practice application form (PDF, 75KB).

More detailed information about the rationale, deliverables, and requirements for participation are available here (PDF, 1.4MB)

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