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Me Boun Foundation



Me Boun Foundation is one of Partners International Foundations' partner organizations. It operates as the primary coordinator and executor of the Foundation's Projects in Cambodia. Mr. Greg Long, Vice-President of Me Boun Foundation is also Partners International Foundation's Director for Cambodia and Asia Programs as well as a member of the Partners International Foundation Board of Directors.

The Me Boun Foundation is a public charity serving orphans, amputees and people affected by landmines in Cambodia. Founded in 1995 to assist villagers in clearing landmines from their villages and rice fields, the foundation expanded its support to the many orphans and amputees affected by these mines. The foundation’s goal is to implement programs that will enhance the quality of life and to move those affected to a state of sustainable living.

Working in 11 of the 19 providences of Cambodia, the Foundation’s focus and support is driven by current conditions and needs assessment of the local population. Medical support, water purification, water well development are but a few areas that the Foundation is committed.

Seeing a need to expand its support, in 2001 the Foundation partnered with Partners International Foundation in reassessing the overall support requirements. This resulted in an enhanced capability to draw on a verity of resources not available in country.


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